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About Us 

The 30 Day Difference Clean Eating Plan derived from Nutrition and Weight Loss Expert, Marlee Gray after several attempts at getting healthy and overcoming illness. 
After extensively studying Nutrition for years along with Holistic Health, Marlee Gray formed F.I.T. Mom Challenge company to offer Health Coaching and Wellness Services. After a while of building the company, research with test groups and encouraging hundreds of people through blogging, healthy eating, fitness, and commitment, The 30 Day Difference Challenge was developed.
The program focuses on clean eating to help eliminate toxins, rejuvenate and restore health.
The amazing thing about this program is that not only are there whole body benefits, weight loss has been several clients favorite result of the specific food combination formula created by our Lead Nutrition Coach, Marlee Gray. The purpose is to challenge yourself to reach optimal health and be the best version of you!
Our mission is to help each participate to become balanced and whole while learning how to properly implement a long lasting healthy lifestyle with Nutrition resources provided.
If you have limitations, or food allergies we also offer additional customized wellness plans that are sensitive to additional allergies and the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.
Want to take your health journey a step further? Book a consultation today with Marlee Gray for tips on how to maximize results with "The 30 Day Difference Clean Eating Plan."   You may also book a consultation for general nutrition or wellness questions and customized meal plans. Click "Book a Consultation" button to start on your new health journey!


Meal Planning

Disease Prevention

Digestive Wellness

Natural and Holistic Health

Detoxification and Regeneration

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